Tuesday, August 31, 2010

For the Ladies

One thing you notice very quickly when at a gym is how every girl or woman never use weights above 5 kg's (about 11 lbs) - and how they also do what seems to be an infinite amount of reps while a lot of the time talking to a friend during the set.

I've seen this so many times I feel like going about this explanation starting with yelling that "this is fucking wrong", but I'll hold it in and explain why it is instead.

First off, no matter how much weight you're able to push, pull and shove, unless you take steroids you're extremely unlikely to end up looking like this:

Do you have any idea how much time this woman has spent working out, and the amount of food she's forced herself to eat - not mentioning what else she probably put in her body - to reach this size?
I mean it's not like you have anything to worry about taking 8 kg dumbbells instead of the 5 kg ones, you're still not gonna wake up tomorrow with the biggest frigging biceps ever going "oh NO i'm HUUUEG". It doesn't work that way.

Nor are you gonna get "fit" like all those models (talking non-anorectic ones) by not even breaking a sweat. It doesn't work that way either.

When you're doing an exercise you want to make progress, you want to to make one rep more than you did last time or lift some kilos heavier than last time, and with time you're going to look nothing like that woman up there, more like a fitness model of sorts:

See those two? They're without a doubt strong as hell. If you think the one to the left is too big or has too much muscle then don't worry about it. Like I said it won't happen over night, she spent several 100 hours to look like that, and remember you can stop anytime you feel you're getting too "fit" ;)

And if you DO wanna look like these chicks you're gonna have to do more than run on a treadmill.

Get out there, push some limits, eat shitloads of food and feel great about yourself. Don't forget to drink water. And sleep. Don't do drugs. All that.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Coke Zero/Light/Diet and ASPARTAME

There's a lot of controversy about (I'll call it) Coke Zero on the intrawebs because of the
WONDERFUL (according to many and me) flavour paired with the astonishing fact that it's got pretty much zero kcalories (kilocalories). So how do they do it?

If you've ever googled it you've heard/read about Aspartame, which is an, and i wiki-quote, "artificial, non-saccharide sweetener used as a sugar substitute in
some foods and beverages.". So - what are the downsides?

Well first of, drinking Diet makes you look like a female if you're a guy - just saying - though Coke Zero is marketed

for men and therefore it's great stuff - so that downside's basically nullified when drinking Zero. However.
The real thief when it comes to light/diet/zero is how Aspartame affects the Ph balance in your body.
Normally what we see in Ph-charts is 0-14, this goes beyond to show the extremes, but below 0 isn't what an average person deals with. What your body wants is to retain the balance of 7, the same as pure water.
Diet Cokes however have a Ph value of 3, as do many other drinks that we as fallible human beings like to put in our bodies. This is also a reason of why you pee a lot when drinking this stuff, along with the dehydration caused by caffeine and alcohol. Caffeine really doesn't dehydrate a lot more than water does, but since water also keeps you hydrated it's not a problem, coffee does that to a certain degree but not as much as water. But that is entirely another discussion.

What your body does to stay on a balanced 7 on that scale is use up a lot of water and clean out the bad stuff, making you pee a lot, and to climb up from the acidic part of the scale towards the alkaline part it uses the alkaline minerals in your body such as Calcium and Magnesium and whatever else that's able to balance out the Ph in your body. When it does so, you need more Ca and Mg and here's the part that's not so well thought out - you're not gonna go grab Ca and Mg pills or eat lots of cucumber just to be able to drink lots of Diet Coke, hence either your body can't retain a Ph balance or you go on a loss of Mg/Ca/other *stuff* that your body needs.

ALTHOUGH: In small portions, say once a day, it's no more than what our bodies are used to with beer, milk, coffee and all that, just don't go chugging 20 at a time because "IS GOT NO KALOREES".

If you practically never drink Coke you might as well grab a real one once you do.

Stay fucking awesome!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

for you SMOKERS out there!

I saw this picture on a friend's blog (http://zekonsday.blogspot.com/) and thought I'd share it with you!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I played so much super mario this summer, and when you're doing speedruns you're pretty much skipping a big part of the game, like.. map 2 land 1 you can jump down a tube and go to land 4 or 5 I think it is, and then from there you can hop through some tube to go even further, you're pretty much skipping the entire game.

ANYWAYS - DB INCLINE PRESSED 32 KG, aiming for 35 at the end of september. 32kg is around 70lbs for you non-metric-system-morons. ALSO -

Leg press went better than expected.

PS. if you're starting out, get protein powder, whey-80. Or gainer powder if you wanna add some weight on that thang. If you're allergic to dairy-related stuff whey-100 is related since it's got less lactose if you're intolerant. However if it's milkproteins (caseins) you're allergic to then I dare not speak up about it.

have a great day!

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